A.I. Governance for the Global Majority

The expansion of AI has led to various models of governance emerging for these new technologies, including through national and subnational legislation, agency-based regulation, and industry standards. However, while no single government exercises global authority over the development and deployment of A.I., powerful centers of governance have begun to emerge, particularly through American, E.U., and Chinese efforts to influence the development of trans-national standards. The dominance of advanced economies in early standard-setting means that harms from A.I. and predominately viewed through the lens of impacted stakeholders in a rich world context, at the cost of impacts which tend to be clustered in the Global South.


The purpose of this event is to foster a conversation about the future of A.I. governance, and how to ensure that standards development appropriately reflects the needs and concerns of the Global Majority. The discussion will focus on the interplay between Global North & Global South in AI development, regulation, and distribution, including through procurement relationships and mechanisms transparency and accountability for trans-national harms, as well as the cross-border impacts of legislative development and standard setting initiatives. It will also be an opportunity for participants to share information and network together regional efforts in this space.


The session, which is jointly presented by Article 19 and the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy, will commence with a roundtable discussion featuring 10-12 panellists on both issues, before moving to a more free-flowing conversation among all of the participants.


Jun 05 2023


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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