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Platforms and the Press

The UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy is excited to launch the first research output from our new Information Policy Lab – on platforms and the press, and legislative and regulatory interventions to support sustainable journalism.

The importance of the press to maintaining democracy means that, as the financial models which underlie the news media industry have come under increasing strain, both emerging and established democracies have seen a steady erosion of trust in institutions of knowledge and governance.

This publication considers the range of policy changes that have been tried or recommended by global regulators to support sustainable journalism, assessing their impacts with consideration for the risk of capture, and other potential tradeoffs of these interventions. It examines four categories of interventions: related to taxes and direct subsidies; copyright and licensing; competition and antitrust regulation; and transparency.

The publication was developed as part of an innovative new experiential learning clinic aimed at onboarding students into the tech policy space and developing their critical analytical capabilities by training them to answer emerging policy questions.

Destabilization Experiment

The Destabilization Experiment, an ideas series produced in partnership between Rest of World and the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy, explores the multifaceted ways that social media has impacted the political discourse around the world, to answer the question: What impact is social media having on democracies around the world?

Columbia Journalism Review Series

This is part of a series on platforms and the press published jointly by CJR and the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy.
The challenge of platform capture

By: Courtney Radsch 

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