Technology Law Specialization

Law & Technology Specialization Requirements

Coursework Requirement

J.D. students are required to fulfill two requirements for the program. Requirement A is that a student complete two of the “core” courses, with a grade of B- or better in each course. Requirement B is that a student take at least four of the other upper-level courses from a list of all technology-related classes, for a total of at least 12 credits, with a grade of B- or better in each course.

The list of courses (including seminars and clinics) that satisfy Requirement B will be reviewed annually and revised as appropriate by the Technology Law Specialization Committee, in coordination with the Records Office.  Students are encouraged to look into the specifics of the syllabi of each course and to meet with the faculty advisors to ensure they select courses that best achieve their personal educational goals.

Students may petition the Technology Law Specialization Committee to have other relevant courses or independent studies counted toward the specialization.  The Committee may also approve, on a case by case basis, specialization credit for appropriate courses taken either abroad as part of Foreign Legal Studies, or as a transfer or visiting student.

Courses satisfying Requirement A need not be taken before other qualifying courses. Coursework need not be complete before the student meets the writing requirement.

Students pursuing the specialization do not receive priority enrollment for any course.  Students are encouraged to enroll for other courses as early as possible in the enrollment period to avoid disappointment.

Sample Technology Law Courses (from recent curriculum)

Requirement A Courses: (students must take 2 courses)

  • Trademark Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Patent Law
  • Information Privacy and Data Protection
  • Digital Technologies and the Constitution

Requirement B Courses: (students must take at least four of the below, or more, for a total of at least 12 credits; additional courses from the Requirement A list can be taken to satisfy Requirement B)

  • Intellectual Property
  • Privacy, Data and Technology
  • Data Privacy and Cyber Security
  • Telecommunications Regulation
  • Current Issues at the FCC
  • Future Law
  • Antitrust Law
  • Digital Transformations in the Information Society
  • International Intellectual Property
  • Design Law
  • 1st Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic
  • Patent Intensive
  • Brands: Constructing Identity
  • Cross-Border Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Patent Clinic
  • Patent Litigation
  • Copyright Amicus Legal Clinic
  • Brand New (spring 2022)
  • IP Without IP (Spring 2022)
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Law, Technology & Society
  • Social Media and the Future of Democracy
  • Internet Law, Media and Society
  • Digital Wars – Major Current Battles in Information Economies
    Digital Transformations in the Information Society
  • News Media Law in the Digital Age
  • Antitrust and Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy 
  • Information Policy Lab
  • Human Rights and War Crimes Digital Investigations

Please note that not all courses will be offered every year.

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